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Regional & National Competitions


Tap Vocal Hip-Hop Miss/Mr Dance Title 
Jazz Acro/Gymnastics Musical Theatre Choreography
Ballet  Pointe         Lip Sync  Modern                      Lyrical  Contemporary             





Group Parent/Adult 

SOLO, DUO/TRIO AND GROUP:(Small Group 4 - 9 Members ) ( Large Group 10 -20) (Line-20+)

TALENT AGE* DIVISIONS: (5-6) (7-8) (9-10) (11-12) (13-15) (16-19) (20+)

Group Production  (12 & Under) Junior (13 & Over) Senior

*Age is based on birth date as of the 1st day of the competition. Group age division is based on the average age of the group. Drop the decimal point.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Talent contestants will be judged on technique, execution, music synchronization and stage presence. In special talent categories, ties will be broken by the technique score. Judges Scoresheets will be returned to School Director or Independent Entries, AFTER all awards have been presented.

SCHEDULE: The schedule of events will be posted 5 days prior to the competition.                                 


NOVELTY/OPEN : Consists of any dance style or combination of dance styles, song and dance.  Contestants entering this category will compete against a variety of other creative talents not specifically listed.

MODERN: Interpretive dance using balance & control. Must be modern contemporary style.

LYRICAL: A combination of jazz, modern and ballet techniques, incorporating balance, control and musical interpretation.

MUSICAL THEATER: Broadway/Theater dance styles using “Broadway” music .

GROUP PRODUCTION: A series of acts, formations or tempo changes within the same or composite piece of music creating the excitement of a spectacular production number. Time limits extended to 5 minutes. If more time is needed please make request and attach to entry form.

PARENT/ADULT (GROUP): A FUN category, giving Parents/Adults a chance to participate.

CHOREOGRAPHY : Recognizes both the choreographer and performers. Choreography is open to Solo, Duo/Trio & Groups regardless of type (Tap, Jazz, Ballet, etc.) The same routine may be used in another talent category.


GYM MATS: Studios must provide their own gym mats.

VIDEO TAPING: NO videotaping is permitted.

TIME LIMIT: Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group 3 minutes or less.

                      Large Group 4 minutes    Line  5 minutes     Production 6 minutes 

 Points may be deducted for exceeding time limits.

 Extended Time registration available.

  ACCOMPANIMENT:  CD or Ipod. CD preferred. Music MUST be labeled with the title of music, performer name, studio name and Performing Order Number. Studio must have back up music available.

PROPS/SCENERY: Small props are allowed. Larger backdrops or props may be used that can be moved on and off very quickly.

PERFORMING AREAS : Approximately 42’ x 36’. Performing areas may vary at different locations.

CATEGORY CHANGES: Every effort should be made to ensure that competition entries are correctly submitted. Late Entries or changes will be accepted up to and including the competition day, only if time permits.


Three Scoring Judges will each award up to 100 points. At Regional qualifying events, each talent category and age division will be adjudicated based on the following point totals to qualify for the Summer National Finals. High Platinum, Platinum, High Gold and Gold award winners qualify to compete at the Summer National Finals.

High Platinum






High Gold255-269


Gold 240-254








Honorable Mention






Regional & National Competitions

                                      FASHION MODELING CATEGORIES

Formal Wear Sportswear Open Category

OPEN CATEGORY: Be creative and have fun!!! Model Beachwear, Active Wear or Novelty Costume, your choice!

AGE DIVISIONS: (4-6) (7-8) Petite (9-10) (11-12) Junior(13-15)Teen (16-19 )Sr

MODELING AREA: Contestants will model a T-Shaped format.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Modeling Technique & Style, Appearance, Fashion Sense and Stage Presence. Special music is not permitted.

FASHION MODELING AWARDS: Regional & National Winners in each age division and Fashion Modeling category will be awarded. Contestants entering all three categories of Modeling, receiving the most 1st place modeling awards will be named Miss or Mr. All American Model in Jr (12 & Under) Sr (13 & over) age divisions.


Photos:  Send your favorite color or black and white photos along with your Entry Form. Photos cannot be larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches or smaller than 5 by 7 inches. Photos must be mailed with Competition Registration Form and be labeled with participant name, age and studio name. Photos will be returned at each competition. Winners in each age division will be named Miss or Mr. All American Model. 

AGE DIVISIONS: (4-6) (7-8) Petite (9-10)(11-12) Junior (13-15) Teen (16 & 19)Sr

Group Photogenic: (12 & Under) Junior (13 & Over) Senior

JUDGING CRITERIA: Expression, Pose, Photogenic Projection and Photo Quality.

PHOTOGENIC AWARDS: The Photogenic Competition will be displayed at Nationals in the Grand Ballroom/Theatre. Winners in Jr (12 & Under) Sr (13 & )  age divisions will be named Miss or Mr. All American Photogenic. National individual and group photogenic winners may appear on the All American Talent Awards Web site.


Contestants that enter any solo dance category and Miss or Mr. All American Dance title category will qualify to compete for the title of Miss or Mr. All American Dance in the Petite, Jr.,Teen & Sr Divisions. Regional & National Miss/Mr. All American Dance awards recognizes a very special combination of talent, style and appearance. Title competition at each Regional is incorporated into the Solo competition. You may enter as many as solos as you wish to be judged for title. All entries will be judged for title during the performance of their routine during the Regional competition. Title competition at the Winter Open and Summer National Finals is a separate special event. Regional title winners are expected to participate in the Summer National Finals. A minimum of 3 or more male contestants are required in an age division for Mr. Dance Category or male & female contestants will compete together and one Winner will be selected regardless of gender unless otherwise determined by the judges, unless otherwise determined by the Judges.